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I recently had some bad experiences with some guys who claim to be honest but are people I think all of us transfans should be careful if planning to deal with. Here are some:

Brian Pedersen & Anne M. Pedersen: they are a couple who lived(?) in Denmark. He claims he is in the US Army or NAVY. Recently he posted an add on looking to trade his 2001 Botcons exclusives with anyone. Since Bigbot posted his add in the front page, I thought he was an excellent trader. Although he sent me all this references (probably from friends who are in the same scam business), I sent the items 1st. They arrived in his wife's address (suposely) and mentioned my items were going to be send shortly. When I replied to give him the thanks, I found out that he closed his account at Bigbot and the e-mails were returned because the person canceled it. Then he replied from another e-mail stating there was a problem, but he was going to send the items. I replied again, and guess what, that e-mail was from a suppose reference. That's when I new he was a scammer. No replies after the transaction and he kept my stuff. But if he really works in the Army, what a surprise he will get: My brother-in-law is sergeant in the army and my cousin too. I faxed all the info to them and they'll take matters in hand. Hope this works, and you guys out there, beware of this guy and his wife (probably not even marry). Down below is a script of all the e-mails I got from him:


1. G2 Snarl (Texted as Slag, but pic is Snarl)
2. BW Inferno MIP
3. Batman Toys - Total Justice Parallax
4. DC Toys - Reverse Flash
5. Comics - Transformers G2 set 1, 2, and 4
through 11
6. 12" packaged Tuskin Raider with staff
7. 12" packaged Tuskin Raider with blaster

I will most certainly trade the Botcon exclusives for
the above items! If you are intersted, please get
back to me and I can send you the details.


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Great. Here are the details that you need.

Address: Brian Pedersen
c/o Anne M Pedersen
Sct. Jørgensgade 19
6000 Kolding

I work in Germany but I live with my wife up in
Denmark, so that's where you'll need to ship to. I
can't get mail on the base anymore, unfortunately.

Also, the Danish post is really funny, so you'll have
to follow some close instructions in order for the
package to get to our house:

First, when you fill out a customs slip, you HAVE to
check the box marked "gift". Also, when you need to
write in the value of the package, write in NO MORE
than $50 US dollars. If it is anything else, they
will require a tax of 60% in order for me to pick up
the package. I've had to do that before, and I won't
do it again. They would just send the package back to
you postage due.

Also, send Air Mail. Anything else risks 4 to 6
months of waiting for it to arrive - yuk. I'll do the
same with yours, as well.

Thanks again, and once you have shipped, please send
me a confirmation e-mail saying you have done so, so
we may be expecting it.


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--- Gerardo Lopez <> wrote:
"Very well. The items will be ship for the 2 Botcon
exclusives: Arcee w/voice chip & Tigatron. I 'm
correct, true?"

Oh, sorry, forgot to reply to this one...yes, those
are the two that you will be getting.


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Your package has arrived, and I will be sending it out
first thing on Monday. I simply don't have enough
time to get to the post office this morning.
Everything was really nice, and thanks again!


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Well, it turns out he is not in the US Army. No one with that name shows up. But sadly he got another transfan in this little game of his:

Hi there Gerardo

I have a feeling I've been ripped off by this SOB too, for the Botcon 2001
premiums, and assorted other goodies, My large box (Full of hard to get
trade material, some of which I threw in as a courtesy gesture) arrived with
him, but his box to me mysteriously disappeared many months ago now. (I
found the link to your page thanks to

Did you ever have any luck tracking him down, and if so how might I get in
contact with him myself, as his e-mail accounts are inactive and I have had
no message

If he's still a "missing deadbeat" then add my name to the list of people
who have been screwed over by him.


Brian Doyle

...and another fan got caught. Read on:

I got ripped off by a guy who said he was in the army named
Brian too. (It might have been navy.) He told me he was stationed in
Japan, and could send me new toys. I, idiotically, sent him a bunch
of money and never heard from him again.

-Brian (

Beware, people! This guy is really bad. Any help in locating him is greatly appreciated. Help out the transfan comunity in deleting this guy!!