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Since we live in Puerto Rico and most of our costumers in USA, here are simple questions regarding shipping and delivery.

1. Q. How much is shipping from PR to USA?
    A. Sending items from PR to USA is the same as sending an item from NY to CA.
         We use the same Post Office services and rates.

2. Q. How are your items ship?
    A. We ship them Priority Mail and with Confirmation Delivery or if 1st Class if desire.

3. Q. Do you insure the toys?
    A. That is up to the client. If they want to insure the package, they have to
         pay extra for it. Usually its starts at $1.30 for $45

4. Q. Do you accept credit cards or debit cards?
    A. For the moment we are only accepting money orders and payments through Paypal.

5. Q. How do you pack the items?
    A. We pack them with care and always in foam or bubble plastics to keep
         them safe.

6. Q. Do you give refunds for the toys?
    A. Sales are final. But if for any reason the item(s) arrive damage and you
         insured it, we will send you a copy of the receipt so you can have your
         insured item(s) paid by the Post Office.

7. Q. What does C-10 to C-1 stands for?
   A. C-10 is the highest grade given to a boxed or loose toy. It means the item is mint.
       C-1 is lowest on the grading scale and means the same as poor condition.                                                             
             This is a toy or box that is severely damaged.
             With action figures, a toy in this condition may only be good for parts or to a figure customizer.
             Most box or loose figures you will find on our site are in the C-3 [good] to C-9.5 [fine] range.
C-10 Mint, factory new, crisp.
C-9 Near mint, few minor flaws, still very clean.
C-8 Some small areas of wear, clean, no tears, small flaws.
C-7 Displayable but shows paint wear, some stains or damage.
C-6 Average well played with, w/ stains or damage.
C-5 Heavy wear damage, repairs & stains.
C-4 Many flaws, stains, tears or wear.
C-3 Some parts useable, major damage.
C-2 Severely played with, some good parts.
C-1 Flaws in every piece, good for parts          only.