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If you are interested in trading some toys, please contact us and let us know for what. We are more interested in G1 American and Japanese Transformers, and reissues.  Please do not send the toy before talking with us, no matter if it's a Transformer. We'll send it back and then contact you.

If you have a web page and want to trade, the item(s) will be sent out the day we decide. If you do not have a web page, you will be ask to send your item(s) first, verify and then send the one(s) asked. This is to avoid any problems.

Keep in mind that if your way of trading is paying or trading 50% or more less of the value, we will apply the same to the dealer to play it fair.

Items in GRAY are trades on their way.

Feel free to ask for any items available. Here are the items we are looking for: